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See our new TV ad here!

Further to our announcement yesterday that Simonseeks will be promoting its services with a £2 million pound TV campaign commencing on ITV1 in the north west from the 26th December, we’re now in a position to share with our closer contacts the TV ad itself. Be the first to see it and feedback your thoughts. Feel free to forward it to friends and family whose opinions you rate.

Community comments (19)

Indeed, we know talent when we hear it. Not too many lines to remember mind.

have to say i reckon the singing is pretty darn gd ha!

I like the ad. It is friendly and inviting and has an air of honesty about it. The music is appealing but I am in the no camp with regard to the voice on the jingle - its a bit twee -
All in all the over all effect is positive

Hi Adam, I like the Ad! Not too long, to the point and pleasing to the eye and ear. At first I was a bit dubious about the jingle as I was worried it may get as annoying as a certain Insurance comparison site's jingle, but having played it quite a few times now I'm finding its actually catchy rather than annoying. Its a nice tidy ad, and should help to drive plenty of traffic to the site once it airs.

Thanks Martin, Much appreciated.

Like it Adam. Relaxing, relevant and a good jingle. Hope it delivers for you.

Love the Acoustic Guitar, chills you out just like being on a nice relaxing holiday :)

Good work Adam. The Ad is surely going to have an impact, good luck with it. I like the cute little 'Paper Aeroplane' which keeps on travelling throughout the Ad. We used to fly so many of them as a kid.


Jingle almost annoyingly effective, which I guess is the point! Have added a link to my website

Looks good Adam - I'll admit to having my reservations about the jingle at first, but it really does the trick. Good luck with the new campaign, and say hello to everyone at the office!

Very nice Adam. Good luck with it.

I really liked it. As mentioned by others - the jingle is very good and would work well on radio too. I hope the ad is rolled out nationwide. Fingers crossed!

I like it, nicely understated ... already retweeted & will mention it in traveljunkies blogs

Much appreciated Cliff!

Liked the ad, any plans to expand viewing outside the North West?

Yes, we plan to go national in Q2.

Thanks Yvonne, Yes we go national sometime in Q2.

Thanks for the opportunity to view it Adam. It has a very different focus on the "advice and tips" aspect of the site (rather than the more usual price comparison) - I hope it does well!


Cheers Adam,

It looks good and I like the "simonseeksdotcom" jingle - let's hope it's as effective as McDonalds' I'm Lovin' It jingle!