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Second earnings paid

We are pleased to announce that the second round of writer earnings have been paid today. Over the last 24 hours you should have noticed a change in your balance in the My Earnings section of your My Simonseeks page. This reflects your share of the revenue earned by the site during September. The top-earning guide in September earned £20.27, compared to £12.07 in our first round of payments, which is an encouraging sign. Please note that these earnings do not necessarily represent a writer’s overall ranking on the site. Read my previous blog to find out more about how we calculate your payments.

How you’ll get paid

Once your earnings have been calculated, your Simonseeks balance will be credited. You can see this in the My Earnings page of My Simonseeks (you must be logged in to use this facility). This will take place on a monthly basis. You will be able to request payment when your balance exceeds the minimum amount that can be paid. This is currently set to £1.00. When you request payment, we send the money to you via PayPal. You’ll receive an email from us confirming the request - the email will contain full instructions on how to claim your funds.

You must have a PayPal account to be paid from Simonseeks. If you request payment from Simonseeks but have not set up a PayPal account, don’t be alarmed. You will receive an email instructing you how to set up an account. If you already have a PayPal account, you will have the option of logging in and using this.

You can set up a PayPal account here.

See our payment FAQs if you have any problems with any aspect of claiming your money. If we can’t answer your query there, please get in touch (see Payment Help in My Earnings page for instructions on the best way to contact us).

What you can do

After the first round of payments, our editorial team compiled a list of the top-earning guides and produced a blog with advice on how to make your guide a high earner. Take a look at this and keep your eye out for another blog in the next few days on September’s top earning guides. Keep checking the Simonseeks blog section regularly for top tips and advice from the team.

Guides on city breaks are proving to be popular and some of the site’s best earners. Please take a look at our wish list of guides to find out what our readers are searching for as well as the types of guides we think the site needs.

What we’re doing

Since our launch date we’ve been inundated with some truly inspiring and practical guides. We’ve had a huge editorial battle on our hands and, as some of you have experienced, there was a delay in editing your guides.

We are now pleased to tell you we are on top of the backlog and guides are being edited within five days of submission. We can’t see any reason why we can’t stick to that, but please bear with us if there is a slight delay, especially if you submit your guide at the start of the weekend.

Thank you to all writers for your patience over the summer, and for the support you continue to show to Simonseeks.

Simonseeks has also been named Website of the Year by The Good Web Guide. More than 1,000 websites from around the world vied for the title, but the judges decided the Simonseeks concept, involving you, the writers, was the best. Read more on the blog. We have decided to divide the £1,000 prize money between our writers so next month’s earnings will be boosted by this. The percentage of the £1,000 you receive will be proportionate to your overall earnings on the site.

As always, please let us know what you think and leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Community comments (21)

I really believe in this site and think it will achieve what the editorial staff and we, the contributing writers, want it to.

However, I do find it annoying that some editors add comment after comment asking where's the best place to eat and drink. Sure, these things must be an important feature of the majority of guides. However, travel, at least for me, isn't just about eating, drinking and finding the best party scene.

Yes, I want my guides to make money for me. However, I also want to be able to write some guides for the pure pleasure of it with no regard for how much it will earn. In doing so perhaps I can inform and show readers a new perspective on a place that maybe doesn't have a restaurant or bar anywhere close.

For me this site has to have as wide a range of reviews as possible without comments continually added to reviews that it needs a recommendation where visitors can go for a beer or a beefburger and if it hasn't then it's marked down accordingly.

Just noticed that, riding high at number 11 in the Greek Islands catagory is... "Cruising Libya’s ancient cities"! (This is really going to upset Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi).

lol, I'm sure he'll be pleased. the search engine returns the Libya guide when you search for Greece or Greek Islands because the guide has been tagged with Crete and it mentions Greece a couple of times in the copy.

I agree with Jon's comments.

Some transparency for writers even in relation to their own guides would be of benefit. I would like to understand which of my guides are contributing towards earnings each month. Also, when I view my own guides in the 'Top rated guides' tab, one of my guides which only has a guide rating of 3 is ranked higher than a guide with a rating of 5.

Also, it would be interesting for writers to understand how their individual guides rate on search engines, what drives these ratings, and also how ratings can be improved.

Quick update... the rating system has now been updated so you should notice your 'top rated' guides are all in order now.

See my reply to Johanna's post below... you can see earnings at guide level in your My Simonseeks.

The ordering of your guides in the Top Rated tab will be sorted when we implement some new changes to rankings next week - the rating updates and rankings don't happen immediately, it's a scheduled job.

As for search engine rankings, Charlie knows all about this stuff and has blogged about it...

Me again-by reading around your blogs I've realised that this is under consideration so obviously lots of us feel the same way. I don't often have time to do this but have to say that I am impressed with what you've achieved so far. My only real gripe at the minute is that I would sometimes like to be able to add a note or comment for the editor to some of my articles- i.e difficulty loading hotels/photos or "video to follow". At present it's only possible to enter into conversation once tha article has been submitted.

I like your suggestion on adding a note to your guides when submitting them... definately something for us to think about.
We are looking to introduce better support tools such as forums etc so you can interact with the editors and other members of the community alot more freely. In the meantime, feel free to use the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page for any messages.

Could we also be told a little more about ratings and rankings? On the day my Symi guide passed 1,000 views, it DROPPED from 4th to 14th (of 59) in the category `Greek Islands,` ROSE from 8th to 7th (of 63) in the category `Greece` and is 19th in the `most viewed guide` category. I'm sure there is some logic in there somewhere, but may we have a clue, please?

The rating system for guides is pretty complex stuff but there is one obvious principle... the more people rate your guide really highly, the higher up the list it will go!

Timing is important to note though, as ratings and rankings do not get updated immediately, it's a scheduled update.

When you mention the category "greek islands" I'm not sure what you mean... if you search for "greek islands", this is a keyword search and results are just ordered by the relevancy to that search term.

The writer ranking system is being updated soon - we have some really interesting changes in store - and I'll be blogging about this in the next week or so.

In the 'show me guides about...' field on the home page, entering 'Greek Islands' currently brings up 60 results. The Symi guide has dropped steadily as viewing figures have risen, confusing me greatly. Visitors to Simonseeks may be similarly confused to find `Greek Islands` include Taormina(#31), Sicily (#33,43,47,53,), Venice (#44) and um, Paris (#57).

Yes, that field is a keyword search - It just searches for the word or phrase you enter. So if you enter "Greek Islands", the search doesn't know you want guides on Greece the destination, it simply looks for guides with those words in it (starting with exact matches and then close relations). For example, the Paris guide you spotted refers to a "greek" myth. That said, it's all a bit confusing isn't it! - So, John is going to put an option in the search box so you can choose to either search for destinations or a keyword/phrase (hopefully next week).

Amazed and pleased to be in credit,thank you. It would be nice to know specifically which item generated the income and where success lies?

You can see how much money each of your guides generated in your My Simonseeks > Earnings section. Click on the history tab and then a month.

Maybe it would be worth having a 'Top earning guides' section (Similar to the Top ranked guides) to increase visibility on the best guides that readers are really interested in, and are booking accommodation as a direct result of these guides. It would give all of the writers something to aspire to.

I agree that highlighting the top earning guides in the editor's blogs is interesting and it's really useful to writers. But I don't think we should order people in relation to how much money they have earned.

What do others think?

Fantastic! Glad to report that my account is now in credit and I am on the way to riches and the easy life.

Just a couple of questions:
1/ Can I get a breakdown as to precisely how the payment was calculated? ie what did a reader of my guide do that resulted in my getting all this cash?

2/ Any suggestions as to the best way to invest or otherwise spend my earnings of £0.02?

Good questions.

Q1) The exact formula used to rank simonseeks members and pay writers is a closely kept secret! What I can tell you is that the editors look very closely at the top earning guides to advise on what works best (see the writers tips and the editors blog posts). Also the FAQs give some info on this topic

Q2) Well, back in October you could have got a single share in an LSE listed broadcasting company for 0.02p and they are now worth 0.75p! But remember, shares can go down as well as up ;0)


Can't be certain - I'm not an expert in the stock market - but do you think it possible that dealing charges may erode the profits on this sort of investment?

But I would be willing to offer the entire sum of £0.02 to whoever is able to get the best buy for this amount on their next trip. I propose that this be called the Simonseeks Prudence Award and that a suitable trophy be crafted, to be handed over by some luminary in an appropriate setting on an annual basis. I can see this rivalling the Oscars in a year or two.

A couple of months back you might have got a US bank.

I only trust banks in Iceland.

Actually, the `best buy for 2p` may be worth pursuing. It could catch on if the Sundays could be persuaded to run something, or perhaps radio: 'What is the best thing you can buy with the last 2p of your holiday money?' Try it on the marketing brains up there?