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What to see in Berlin

 Berlin, the impressive and sprawling capital of Germany, is a top tourist destination with good reason. The city has a whole range of exciting and intriguing places to visit and discover.

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Where should I stay in Paris? An area-by-area guide

Each district of Paris has its own distinct character and flavour. Where you choose to stay will make a big difference to your overall experience.

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Travel Insurance - Key things to be aware of

 There is no question that everyone should have travel insurance, and the cost should be incorporated into your holiday budget.

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Eight Things You MUST Do in New York City

New York. We’ve seen it in the films and read about it on many a travel blog, so we probably have a fairly good idea of what to expect; bright lights, yellow taxis and A LOT of people.

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Blissful city break to Florence… with Children

Italy is a fantastic family destination; it’s a country which boasts vast and dramatic landscapes and can accommodate many type of tourism.

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Discovering Paris the best way, would that do?

Paris is called the city of lights for its incredible presence at night.

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The Venice Carnival

There’s no doubt Venice is a beautiful city, however the city really comes to life during the Carnivale di Venezia, which always takes place 40 days before Easter and ends on Mardi Grass, (pa

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The Moulin Rouge cabaret show

The Moulin Rouge cabaret show, immortalised by the imagery of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is easily one of Paris' most famous nightlife activities.

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Take a Musical Break in London’s Theatre-land

A night out at one of the sensational musicals in London’s West End combines all the glamour and excitement of the UK capital with a top class show and is a wonderful experience.

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Which city has the best historic weekend in the U.K: York vs. Edinburgh?

Edinburgh possesses the title ‘second most visited city in the UK’ and being second is no underachievement considering the first is London (one of the most visited cities in the world!)

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