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We're still here...

Hi folks,

Most of what you've been reading on the blogs and articles about simonseeks is more or less true, Simon is withdrawing his funding from the website as he feels the current business model is unsustainable as a long term investment.

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Last minute travel deals

Our team of travel gurus have trawled the internet for the best travel offers from Legoland to Iceland.  All our offers are from the leading travel deal websites.

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Club La Santa - a healthy Christmas break?

So, it’s your first day back in the office and it’s undoubtedly been occupied by people comparing the amount of food they have consumed over the last 2 weeks and proclaiming their New Y

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Simonseeks rankings: what you should know

Simonseeks has both Guide Rating and Writer Ranking systems. This article is concerned with Writer Rankings (or Simonseeks Rankings).

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Watch out!

We realise it's sometimes difficult to keep track of guides or blogs that are interesting or that you have been commenting on.

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Cool and crazy couloirs

Charlie has written some incredible blogs recently, in what looks to be the start of a regular “Amazing” series...

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2009/2010 snow reports. Are there any decent snow forecasts out there?

As the ski season starts to ramp up and my inbox is hit with newsletters trying to flog me the latest and hottest in fashi

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Road tripping – Rouen to Cabo da Roca

Last month I took part in the Sucata Run, a charity banger rally across Europe in cars worth no more than £250...

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Video killed the radio star... but it improves travel guides no end!

We’ve just introduced the ability to show video from YouTube in guides, a great way to improve guides and to really inspire readers - and given Simon keeps saying we’re like t

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Changes to the 'Make It Happen' section

As you may have noticed, the hotel recommendations in the Make It Happen section are looking a little different; we are now able to show the hotel image and links to more photos, descriptions, maps

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