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Community moderators

 We've had such an enthusiastic response from writers wanting to act as community moderators that we will have to put a hold on new appointments for a while, until the system beds down.

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Editorial policy and new community moderators

After a year of excellent progress, which has seen many hundreds of new guides submitted and published on the site, as well as the introduction of expert coverage to key destinations, we have decid

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A new dimension

Simonseeks has had a flying start since its launch last May and we now have well over 2,000 guides uploaded by professional and amateur writers alike.

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Improve your travel writing... and earn more

Want to write about your favourite destinations but find yourself stuck in the literary departure lounge? Struggling to turn your trip into a ripping yarn?

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A new approach from the editors

Many thanks for all your feedback in the “Quality or Quantity” debate, below.

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Ideas for new guides

For a site which is only a few weeks old, we have an extraordinarily broad and comprehensive coverage of the world’s major holiday and travel destinations. But we still need many more.

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Quality or quantity?

Should Simonseeks be insisting on a quality threshold, or should the site be made more open so that anyone can publish their guides?

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