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New hotel recommendation form

If you’ve uploaded a guide recently and not found your hotel recommendation in our database, you’ll have noticed a new form when you manually added your recommendation. It’s slightly different and it’s a little bit longer, but it will ensure your accommodation choice contains all the necessary elements, which could improve the earning potential of your guide.

If your accommodation of choice is already in our database, you can skip this step. If not, you’ll see this box when you come to the hotel recommendation section and choose to “add it now”.

New hotel form

The first steps are easy. In the Name field, enter the proper name of the hotel (not a slang version) using lower and upper case as appropriate. Here, we’re using L’Hotel as an example.

Address line 1 contains the street address, in this case 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts.

If you want to add a neighbourhood/district/suburb, you could do it in Address line 2, or leave it blank as we’ve done here.

Paris is entered in the City/Town/Village field, as you would expect, and depending on your hotel and location, you can fill in the State/Province field or leave it blank.
The Postal code is the post or zip code. Then choose the country from the drop down list.

New hotel form

This next step is important, as it will enable the map facility on your guide – which so many users check before they book - and show where your hotel is located: so hit Pin point address on map. Double check that this location is correct and, if not, drag the pin to the correct location.

Choose the star rating (or leave it blank if the hotel doesn’t feature one), enter the web address and choose the accommodation type.

New hotel form

You now have the option to add an image. This isn’t compulsory but if you have a focussed and clear photograph of the accommodation, feel free to upload it. Exterior is best. Upon successful upload, three text fields will appear; these should be filled in.

New hotel form

Almost there!

From the tick boxes listed, choose what sort of holiday your accommodation choice is suitable for. Up to three is ideal.

Hit save and you’re done.

New hotel form

The accommodation has been entered into our database and you simply choose it from the drop down list as you would do with an existing hotel.

If you experience any technical issues with this process, please use the report a bug page (you’ll find the link at the bottom of any page on Simonseeks) and tell us what’s happening.

Community comments (10)

Hallo there. Further to my earlier yell for help. I just got 3 quarters way through my third type-up of my fourth article, when I got a notification that I was about to be cut off due 'inactivity!' Honest, my fingers have been worn down to the knuckles! Anyway, I sent the article off obviously unfinished, rather than lose it again. Then it was accepted, and so it seems, are the pictures. I do so hope you can get it back to me, as I have to edit it, (putting in the bold bits, and the hotel recommendations, and finishing some interesting bits I was just getting to.) Obviously a snag somewhere, but I feel a bit better now. Myra.

Help, please. I have twice typed in my 950+ new article on more places to see in Brittany, and both times it suddenly got lost. Just now, I had added my first pic and could not see how to get to put in more, so I pressed 'save' and got a screen that said 'access denied,' and now it's all gone again. I've put quite a bit in about food, etc., and hope you will be pleased with it - if I can ever get it to you! I need to get the article back, please!

Hi Cathy,

Unfortunately the hotel recommendation api has caused me lots of problems.

The newer version began by randomly picking hotels unrelated to those input to the system...

I have just attempted once again and lost count of how many times it has taken to upload a hotel in my latest draft guide, that I also featured in my Ischgl ski guide, so it is already input to the database, (though it has no picture - despite uploading weeks ago) and again I have tried to load a new main pic for the latest draft guide and additional pictures and captions without success, in fact the system still hasn't even uploaded the main pic!

After 26 guides featuring countless hotels and owning technology businesses of my own I am both practiced at inputting data - and aware of teething problems that can occur with api's like this. I am all for change as long as it is an improvement and works... overall this should speed up the process (and save office admin time) and expand the information provided - once the glitches have been sorted out.

My main criticism (besides the instability) is that the tool only allows you to either ADD - or REMOVE .... what happened to 'EDIT'?

The absence of an edit facility means there can be several 'pop-ups' of the same hotel from your database that appear as you input the hotel - as all the hotels go into one simonseeks pot.

Perhaps only one of them has all the correct details such as suitable pic and English affiliate site - I have made mistakes in the process of adding hotels in my guides and I am sure others have too, the problem is these flawed entries then stay on the system and appear as a prompt the same as the correct entries.

When these 'pop-up' prompts of the hotels in the database appear how can we differentiate which one to pick? there is no way of clicking it to see that it has the relevant details .. and frequently no image appears even after several days, (some times not at all) - even after a successful upload and save. So if I for example, might identify an entry by its picture, (changing the pic to identify which entry) this roundabout fix wouldn't work either as it stands...

I realise that to allow everyone a free-for-all edit facility would not work out either, as I would not want my hotel pics and details and choice of affiliate to be edited by another writer. As your admin tool allows you to see who is logged in, should it not be possible for the original writer - who's IP address will be recognised, at least be allowed to edit their own hotel input?

This api really needs urgent revision.

I also think it would be good to post a topic on the affiliate/commercial side of the site, with reference to how the earnings are calculated, whether pay per click adsense or commissions based on holiday bookings etc.

I hope the feedback is of help

Cheers Tim.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your comment. If you continue to have problems with our Recommended Hotel tool, please can you report it using the report a bug page: so that our technical team can look into it for you.

At the moment our tool only lets users add hotels that are not already in our database. If you notice any mistakes, make any mistakes or spot any duplicates please let us know and we will edit/delete the hotel entry for you. If you have any photographs that you wish to add to a hotel entry, please send these to us as well and we will add them for you.

To find out more about how your earnings are calculated, take a look at Simon Nixon's blog post:


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the reply.

I have already sent in a detailed report both to the link you describe above and also on a reply to an editorial comment previously.

Regarding only allowing hotels that are not on the database:-

This is not the case - otherwise there would not be duplicates.

Also how will you know which are the offending duplicates?

As the name and address which appears on the pop-up could be correct - but other data could be wrong.

For example -

On one of the earliest guides I did, it was not clear how the hotel tool was to be utilised - so I would put in a hotel's web-site (where it had one) - As I did not know what affiliate partners you had.

This resulted in different anomalies, one was simonseeks picked '' as the affiliate partner for the hotel recommendation - even though that particular hotel wasn't on their rostered hotels - so the picture, address of the hotel etc were all correct, but the affiliate partner was wrong - meaning it would be a redundant entry. i.e no booking would be made from that link, even though all the relative data was input.

There are numerous pitfalls... this is why the 'edit' facility suggested would be the best remedy of all, including within it the ability to 'remove' the defunct entry by a 'replace' option.

I will check out the link to the commercial aspects - Thanks.


Hi Tim,

Thank you.

When we "delete" a duplicate hotel we don't simply delete it, we merge the entries in our database. This ensures that if two users have linked to two different versions of the same hotel, one doesn't just disappear from a guide.

We cannot stop writers adding duplicate hotels but we only ask writers to add a hotel if it is not already in our database. If you notice that a hotel entry has a mistake, please let us know (so we can change it) rather than adding the hotel again.

Re your email notifications, you can change these in your Watcher settings. You received the emails as Jeanette was editing your guide and has now left a comment.

Thanks Tim.

I used this facility yesterday for adding a hotel for Pondicherry, it worked pretty well, but it did not appear immediately in the drop down menu. I even tried after 5-6 hours but the added entry could not be located. Does it appear in the drop down menu with a time lag??

Anyway i have submitted the guide for approval, maybe i can add the hotel in the "Make it Happen" section later when it is released to me for editing.


Hi Arif,

Thank you for your comment. It shouldn't take that long, I will look into the problem for you.

I have just gone into your guide and added the hotel so it will be there when the guide is approved.

Thanks Cathy!! I just checked, the hotel has been added along with the photograph !!

I've used the new tool and found it much better than the old one, thank you, just what was needed. kathy