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January’s top-earning writer earns more than £100

We’re pleased to announce that January’s payments have now been credited to all writers. This was an exciting month as, for the first time, our top-earning writer was paid more than £100.

To see your share of the revenue earned by the site in January, log in, go to “My Simonseeks” and click on “My Earnings”.

Read my previous blog post about how we calculate your earnings.

Thank you for your contribution to the site and, as always, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Community comments (5)

Obviously the £100 earnings is a landmark that you would wish to celebrate but it's a little meaningless on its own. I'd guess that the writer has quite a few published guides; could you tell us roughly how many without breaching confidentiality?

Hi Jon,

Clearly, writers with several guides stand a better chance of earning more revenue than those with only one or two. In this case the writer concerned has more than 10 guides on the site. But I don't want to extend this debate any further - we have made a commitment to be honest and open with the information we give out, but also, as you point out, have a duty of confidentiality to all Simonseeks members.

Very best


That's a shame; I was hoping for a game of 'Who am I' and thought we had 8 questions left. ;-)
Seriously, thanks for your reply, and congratulations to the £100 earner, whoever it is!

Was the £100 top writer Cliff Richard?!

We don't reveal the earnings of named writers for obvious reasons of confidentiality. But the writer referred to above is not Cliff Richard.