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Ideas for new guides

For a site which is only a few weeks old, we have an extraordinarily broad and comprehensive coverage of the world’s major holiday and travel destinations. But we still need many more.

If Simonseeks is to offer the kind of detailed advice which will ensure that we can appeal to enough users and readers to make it a success, we need to fill in the geographical gaps, and ensure that popular destinations are covered in as much detail as possible. We need guides that appeal to travellers with different budgets, and with different interests - from adventure to romance.

I have gone through the site to see which areas would benefit from more coverage, and I hope that the following overview will encourage writers to submit new guides in areas in which we are still lacking. It is not an exhaustive list - I haven’t included Britain, for example, though we would welcome more here. But I hope the following overview helps provide some ideas.

Please note too that we need to bolster our ski coverage ready for the winter, so resort guides are particularly welcome.

More depth in popular destinations
Though most of the most popular resorts and cities have a good basic coverage, we will need many more guides to complement or improve on this. Popular parts of France, Spain, Italy and so on will always need more on accommodation and restaurants and other aspects for travellers on all budget levels - good advice on hotels, eating out, shopping, culture and other themes need to be a key strength for the site.
For example, we have a dozen or so guides to each of Paris, Barcelona and Venice, but, with the autumn city break season about to get going, we will need far more of these. Some cities, notably Rome and Vienna (only four guides each), are in particular need of more contributions.

We lack detailed coverage of some of the key rural destinations, especially Brittany, Normandy and the Loire, but also lesser-known areas such as Alsace and the Auvergne.

We especially need more for the Italian Riviera - Liguria - and lesser-known Italian regions such as Le Marche, Basilicata, and Abruzzo.

Most of the islands have only a single guide, and we have only one guide on Athens, so there is lots of room to improve coverage here

Coverage of the Canaries is patchy, with only one guide to Gran Canaria for example. We have only one guide to Menorca and nothing on Marbella.

We have only 17 guides to Turkey, and many of these are about Istanbul. There is nothing on the Bodrum peninsula and very little on any coastal resorts on either the west or south coast

We have a good set of guides to South Africa, Kenya, Tunisia and Morocco, but there is room for many more. We have just one guide to Cairo and one on Nile Cruises and only a handful on the Egyptian Red Sea resorts - Egypt is especially important to improve in the run up to winter. There are only two guides on Botswana and Zambia, none on mainland Tanzania.

We have over 30 guides to the islands, but coverage is patchy - none on the BVIs, for example. With winter approaching there is plenty of room for more.

Rather patchy coverage. For example we need more on Florida's coastal resorts, there isn't much on California outside of LA and San Francisco, and relatively little on New England - nothing on Martha's Vineyard, Obama's holiday destination this summer for example.

South America
Major destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile do have coverage, but we could do with a lot more guides to this Continent.

Australia and New Zealand
Nothing on Tasmania, very little on Auckland, and there is plenty of room for guides to these major winter destinations.

Indian Ocean
Maldives (8 guides at present), Seychelles (3) and Mauritius (3) could all do with bolstering.

Bangkok and Changmai have a good set of guides, but there is nothing on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi, Pattaya or Phuket. We also have nothing on the Malaysian resort island of Penang.

Only 14 guides, so plenty of room for more coverage especially for the winter beach destination of Goa.

Just one guide on Shanghai and a couple on Beijing, and plenty of opportunities to improve coverage of the regions.

Community comments (6)

Question: is it worth writing about trekking holidays and the like? By definition they don't make much use of hotels and restaurants so there isn't the opportunity to link up with those. At the moment there does not seem to be scope to create links to trekking companies and similar providers. It's a big section of the market.
On a related point, when writing about activity holidays which are hotel-based it would be nice to provide direct links to the activity company, bike hire, mountain guides and so forth.

Hi Jon,

It will take some time to put commercial arrangements in place with tour operators, though it is one of our priorities. The guides will still have the capacity earn money from advertising, however. Please do list the other links you suggest though.

Hello Nick

I registered on your site a few weeks back but have done nothing about my deep seated passions for writing and travel since then. Or for ever, if I am to be totally honest.

And whilst the seed has been planted, having read your suggestions, I now feel the time is right to get serious about cultivating these passions.

Is it a coincidence that I have just returned in June from an amazing journey through Cinque Terre, or that I am planning a New Years sailing celebration in the BVI's this year? And how ironic that Boston, Massachusetts has slowly been revealing its subtle pleasures to me since April 2009 when a dear, dear friend of mine moved there.

Coincidence? Irony? Or perhaps serendipity.

Where and more importantly, How - do I begin?

What about Middle East and UAE?

We have a reasonable number of guides on Dubai - but it's a popular destination for winter sun, so please do have a look and see if you can add to what is on the site. Other destinations in the area - especially Abu Dhabi - are no so well served and could do with better coverage.

Thanks Nick, this is helpful