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Guides wanted: travelling without flying

It’s a perplexing time for anyone travelling by air at the moment. Between the persistence of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud and the threat of strikes by British Airways’ cabin crew, the airspace above the UK and continental Europe could be quieter than normal as we head towards the summer rush to the sun.

So why not write a topical and useful guide and tell us about your favourite destinations that are in - or within easy reach of - Britain? Whether it’s Paris by Eurostar, Amsterdam by ferry, Cornwall by road or Edinburgh via the rails - keep your itchy feet grounded and share your advice. Do you know London like the back of your hand, or where to find the craic in Dublin? Then write a guide and impart your wise words.

And if you think you’re an expert on somewhere in particular, let us know. You’ll be aware some of the most popular destinations on Simonseeks are now covered by experts who are complementing the wealth of information found in guides on the site. We’ve already received a high number of applications from writers – both amateur and professional – who think they’ve got what it takes to be a destination expert. Do you think you have? Find out here.

Before you write your guide, take a look at some of the top-rated guides on the site to see what works and read the dos and don’ts of writing for Simonseeks for tips on creating a useful and enjoyable guide.

Of course, not all of our writers are based under the currently chaotic skies of Britain and Europe. If you know your stuff and you’re based further afield then please continue to add to the thousands of top-quality travel guides on Simonseeks or think about becoming an expert.

Good luck. And why not leave a comment below and tell us where you’ve been recently while avoiding the airspace chaos?

Community comments (5)

No problem Kathy. We all have those days! Don't worry about tagging it with anything. I'll look forward to editing the guide. Thanks for your efforts.


I read the guide again this morning and feel that the journey should come first and that more information is required. When you send it back I will make those changes and any others you recommend.

No problem Kathy. I'll send it back to you today.

for some reasons I hit the send button twice and couldn't delete the duplicate comment so I have typed this instead - its me age dear........

I have just submitted a guide on New York - I know you have hundreds already but it is fun to go there by ship. It isn't really about cruising and I couldn't find an appropriate tag - avoiding the ash cloud, is there something I could have used?