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Guess what...

Just a short note to say... we're home!

Well, only three of us actually. But I'm delighted to confirm we have agreed terms of a management buy-out which leaves myself and my two former colleagues, Paul Dickinson and Simon Dawson, in full control of

Further details are available here.

To help with the transition it has been necessary to close registrations to the site whilst we review boring things like the terms of use. And there's been one or two prolific spammers up to no good that we need to get on top of too.

That's all for now. To keep up-to-date our old twitter and facebook accounts are still available.

Community comments (6)

Hi Rick

Casting my eye over your Twitter account, I can't see much happening at the moment? I'm sure it's frantic behind the scenes. I'm not sure what's required? Are you open to new submissions? Is my former moderator role applicable? I haven't had any direct contact so am just trying to clarify. Many thanks.

Hi Johanna,

Yup, some stuff is happening but nothing exciting!

Should be able to get the site open soon, hopefully only a week away.

I'll post an update shortly.


Great news Rick. You guys have a great task ahead of rebuilding and reinventing Simonseeks. Wish you all the best !!
I will surely contribute some more guides/reviews once things stabilise.


Yup, plenty to do! Look forward to your contributions Arif.

Brilliant news! I suggested a buyout or buy-in, by e-mailing Simon about a hundred years, but I am still awaiting a reply! Never mind, I wish you guys every success and will certainly contribute some guides/articles once you are up and running.

Cheers Murray. The moderator role is going to be crucial without an Editorial team!!