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Not jetting away anywhere this Christmas or New Year? Bored of rubbish television and leftover turkey? Snowed in?

It sounds like you have the perfect opportunity to get those notes and photographs out - you know the ones, they’ve been sat in a pile and you’ve been meaning to do something with them since returning from your latest travels; well now’s the time to start writing your guide for Simonseeks.

Since launching in June this year, we’ve been inundated with travel guides from our writing community, which is made up of both amateur and professional writers, and the site now boasts an incredible range of inspiring and informative guides. From city break favourites like Paris, Rome and London, to weird and wonderful destinations; writers have been submitting their work and earning money. The third round of payments has now been made by the way; see more on Simon Nixon’s blog post here. The top-earning writer in October earned £48.10, compared to September’s top earning writer who earned £23.50.

Great examples of guides can be found throughout the site, but the latest competition winners provide perfect inspiration. There’s also advice and further examples of good guides in this blog post.

We want more guides from destinations all around the world, but especially those in demand from site users. You’ll find our wish list for new guides below. This is by no means exhaustive but it offers an indication of the hotspots that readers are searching for every day on Simonseeks:

City break destinations:

We have good coverage in these areas but more in-depth guides are needed. Themed guides work especially well for big cities because general destination guides usually only scratch the surface. Think budget hotel guides; shopping guides; guides on nightlife, the best restaurants, best bars; Paris (or any other city) for children; New York (for example) for music lovers, etc.

New York
South of France

Winter sun destinations, including:

Gran Canaria
La Gomera
Egyptian Red Sea resorts

Ski resort guides are hugely popular at this time of year and more are welcome. We’d also like to see more guides on the Spanish Costas and the following destinations are predicted European Summer hotspots for 2010:

Costa Brava

Good luck. The Simonseeks team will be working over Christmas and New Year, aiming to edit all guides within five working days of being submitted.

Have a very merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing your guides.

Community comments (1)

This wish list is very helpful and maybe quarterly updates would be good. Food for thought for future guides. Thank You