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Essential iPhone Apps for the Vancouver Winter Olympics

With the 2010 Winter Olympics beginning in Vancouver today we thought it would be a good time to review some of the fantastic iPhone apps available both for those of you lucky enough to be going to Vancouver and fans who want to keep up with the action at home.

First up for Vancouver visitors is the excellent free version of the Lonely Planet guide to Vancouver. With location aware maps, birds-eye views, landscape low-downs and over 70 things to see and do this is a great app for anybody planning to visit the city. To find this app you must search the app store for "Vancouver Travel Guide : The Sights" otherwise you might find the Lonely Planet Guide to Vancouver which (although excellent) is a paid app at £9.49.

 The Sights

Next up on the list is the NBC Olympics iPhone app which is equally as useful for visitors as it is for armchair fans. With real time updates, video clips, news stories and results for every sport as well as integration with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

NBC Olympics iPhone app

Third on our list is even better for stay at home fans - the Bell 2010 Guide is the Official Mobile Spectator Guide to the Winter Olympics and has detailed venue guides, schedules, results and information about what's on in each discipline.

Bell 2010 Guide

The next app on the list is the Olympic Games and Sports Rules app by SportLogik which is more of an encyclopaedia than an app with sports stats, records and a glossary of sports terms this will turn you into an expert on every sport under the sun. It has recently been updated with a special Winter Olympics category too.

Olympic Games and Sports Rules app by SportLogik

First up on our list of games to keep you amused for the next few weeks is the fantastic Ski Jump Lite which is the free version of the popular Ski Jump game for the iPhone. An app store reviewer summed this app up perfectly - "simple to learn but hard to master".

Ski Jump Lite

For those of you lucky enough to be getting some skiing action on the slopes around Vancouver this month the official Ski Club app is an excellent resource with the same accurate and up to date snow reports, webcam images and ski weather forecasts as the Ski Club website.

 Ski Club App

Next up is an app for shopaholics who want to make the most of what Vancouver has to offer downtown. Step by step shopping walks, maps and vouchers make this app a must buy!

Vancouver shopping app

This is one of my favourite apps for skiers and walkers - the AccuTerra series of apps shows detailed terrain information and ski runs allowing you to find mountain locations and search for ski runs by difficulty, lifts, lodges and events and even allows you to share routes via Facebook.


The iCheer App is one of the top paid sports Apps on iTunes. This app allows you to save your voice by doing all the cheering for you! All you have to do is choose your country’s flag, pick a cheering noise, turn up the volume and start shaking the phone!

iCheer App  iCheer App  iCheer App

Have you tried any of the apps mentioned? If so let us know what you think of them, and also if you know of any more then add them in the comments below!

Community comments (8)

The ChicWalks Vancouver App that was featured is also available as a Mobile Web App on most Smart Phones...

and it is a cool App

Thanks for the info Fepa!

Hi Charlie,

I enjoyed this article featuring the amazing apps relating to skiing and the winter olympics, available on the apple iPhone - which has popularised the 'app' download marketplace... but put things in perspective there are 'only' about 25 million iPhones out there worldwide ( And I have one) - plus the iPod touch (which can access downloads) that account for a combined 45 million handsets - (sounds a lot!) - but there are actually over 4.5 BILLION 'other' handsets out there that this article will not apply to..

What is also out there for Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia and Blackberry users...?

Does anyone have a favourite travel 'app' available for download to a non-apple-mac phone?

Cheers Tim

Hi Charlie

We now have a Mobile Web version of ChicWalks Vancouver Shopping app for Blackberry, Samsung and Google Phone users. Just open the browser on your phone and type in the URL:

Our app provides 9 Shopping Walks in Vancouver, and also Whistler/Blackcomb, and descriptive listings for over 1,000 shopping options, and also the eating and drinking places you'll find along the way. People love the digital coupons, guys especially love that :-) We are adding new content and coupons weekly so users should check back often.


Thanks Karen, will add this to the list for the new post!

Hi Tim, thanks for the additional info on mobiles. I'm an iPhone fan so hence reason for the post on iPhone apps, can't always cover all areas with posts, but if anyone has other suggestions please add and i'll look at doing another app post across all mobiles.

I really like the App 'iCheer - Country'. It allows you to show your support for your country by displaying a full flag of your country on the screen. When you shake your phone it makes a decent amount of noise. You can pick from many different sounds like cow bells or even a car horn! Lots of fun!

Thanks, I've added this one to or list!