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The dos and don'ts of writing for Simonseeks

We have enjoyed a lot of interest from new writers in 2010 and now have a total of 735 writers on the site.

Although our newer guides are of a high quality, there are a number of ways that new (and old) writers can boost their ratings and make their guides work well on the site. We have put together a list of dos and don’ts which covers these - take a quick look before you submit your next guide. These aren’t just tips on how to write, we also offer advice on how to format contact information, our ideal word count and how to take and submit photographs.

Don’t forget to look at our other blog posts on writing guides as well - like our wish list for new guides - and be inspired before you write your next guide by reading past competition winners’ guides.

Community comments (2)

Hi Cathy,
I had for a long time been away from Simonseeks after my 3rd guide about Agrotourism. I was very disappointed and with a broken heart I deceided never again to attempt write another guide. Today, after months I decided to have a look on my 2 first guides. I noticed that for the one about Larnaca I had 297 views and 356 for the second. I was very surprised seeing that the 3rd one which was turned down the number of views was surprising. I thought that this was not seen by anyone and I see that 3.316 people have seen it. How is this? Because it is impossible that I have oppened the page three thousand times myself even if I was checking on the page all this time continously. The moment the guide was turned away, I only once or twice opened the site to see something.

Helpful tips as ever, thanks Kathy