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Do we sit on our laurels?

Definitely not ... the Simonseeks team have been busy putting the next batch of features into place for the benefit of both readers and writers. As always please comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

Right, sit back while I take you on a quick journey of the major change we deployed today ...


A guide now shows a writers hotel recommendations in Google maps. A good example is Chris Stokel-Walker's guide - A walk through literary Paris, we picked this guide as it had a good set of recommendations plus he has made use of the video facility. We love creating new features, but we want people to use them, good going Chris!

Writers note: we've not got full coverage yet, so don't be surprised if some of your recommended hotels do not not show, but we are well on the way to achieving this over the coming weeks.

This is also just the start for our map feature, in future we will be adding much more. The writer will have the tools to make their guide a must read and readers will find researching easier. Ok enough about what it is, is it going to make writers any money, not directly but the more informed a reader is then the more reason there is to click on your recommendations.