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Simonseeks shortlisted for the Good Web Guide Website of the Year Award 2009

The Good Web Guide Website of the Year Award showcases some of the brightest and best sites from the online world – the up-and-co

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The most weird, wonderful and bizarre restaurants from around the world

For all you foodies out there, we have picked some of the most unique places in the world to eat. From stunning settings to the freakily bizarre, we hope you enjoy them...

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Amazing frozen waterfalls from around the world

Previously we looked at some truly amazing flowing waterfalls, but what about some truly amazing frozen waterfalls?

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Fantastic photos of the world's most amazing waterfalls

Waterfalls are one of nature's most amazing wonders - found all over the world they've captivated man since the dawn of time.

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Optimising your own travel guides

Whilst our editorial team help to optimise your guides by amending titles and summaries there is still a lot that you can be doing to help improve the visibility of your guides within the search en

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Weird, wonderful and amazing beaches of the world

Here at Simonseeks we thought it would be fun to look at some beaches around the world that stand out from the crowd with weird and wonder

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Target - Top 10 in travel within our first year...

OK, so here’s the deal: Simonseeks started out in June with a view to being one of the top 10 travel sites on the web within its first year, offering its users the most up-to-date, fresh and

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Useful Sites

We come a cross a number of really useful sites and thought why not collate these as a post that will keep growing....

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