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Another month and another prize draw flies by

The latest prize draw has been done and it feels great to have given away yet more cash.

We've had quite a busy first few months here and I'd like to thank everyone who has gotten behind us and submitted or edited their travel guides. Also thanks to those of you who have been in touch with questions and ideas about the site's future.

We are committed to growing Simonseeks and to the revenue share model that has been part of Simonseeks since the very begining. Writing a travel guide isn't easy, it's not like writing a quick hotel review. So we want to reward those who take the time out to share their experiences on the site.

We also want to cover a wide variety of wonderful destinations and topics of interest. Whilst insight on the big players like New York and Paris are invaluable, we also need those gems on backpacking in Kyoto or jungle adventures in Taman Negara.

That's why the new prize draw based model makes sense. It helps ensure everyone has a fair chance of earning from their contribution, regardless of how popular the destination may be.

Community comments (2)

I have a query Rick. All guides live on the site were part of the current draw or only the new ones along with the edited ones participated?


Hi Arif, as long as a writer has logged on and thus indicated their acceptance to the new terms (i.e. the prize draw based model) then all of their guides are entered into each months draw. It is worth updating the guides (if required) as there is some weight given to views and ratings which, as our stats indicate, improve when the content is kept up to date. That doesn't mean there is a need to go updating guides just to try and trick the system - not that I think you would Arif - but it's a note to others who do try these things ;)