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Fifteen places to escape to this summer

There are times when a week sitting by the pool with a Shirley Temple just won’t cut it; times when you need a grander escape.

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Into the deep: scuba diving holidays

 Scuba diving offers and opportunity to explore the beauty of the ocean up close: from spotting rainbow coloured fish to exploring a shipwreck or cave, scuba diving is pure adventure.

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Five glamorous city break destinations

With Christmas fast approaching, all those sparkling lights, glittering baubles and champagne fuelled parties have got us in the mood for some glamour: destinations that ooze sophisticated opulence

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It's good to be green: ecotourism holidays

 A recent UN Biodiversity Convention ended with a stark warning: that biodiversity loss would become unavoidable unless strict measures are imposed.

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Wine tourism around the world

 Wine tourism is an ever booming industry. The lure of getting away from it all for a week of lush green vineyards and fine vino is one few can resist.

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Travelling around New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world’s most popular destinations for independent travellers, many of whom choose to stay for up to a year on a Working Holiday Visa partaking in seasonal jobs such

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12 top independent travel destinations - chosen by travel bloggers!

When looking for the trip of a lifetime the choice can be overwhelming.

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The Pure Life in Costa Rica

 A recent study by an independent group in Britain declared Costa Rica to be the happiest place in the world; so why not throw on your board shorts, grab your binoculars and head out to this s

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Essential resources for a city break to Madrid

With more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe and soaring summer temperatures, Spain's capital is a great place to spend a long weekend.

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Planning a trip to South Africa? Here are some useful resources....

If the never-ending cold snap is getting you down you’re probably itching to jet off somewhere sunny and if that’s the case then South Africa is probably pretty high on your holiday wis

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