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The Joy of Solo Travel

At the time of writing, I am sat watching Coronation Street, drinking tea – how depressingly British of me.

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Why You Should Go to New Orleans

Los Angeles

How Not to Die in Hawaii

Standing in the most glorious Hawaiian farm kitchen, peering over the shoulder of my gracious host; I watched a Facebook video of some daring young people jump off a rock into a very suspect lookin

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Manila in a Day

Everybody but everybody I meet tells me the same thing: don’t go to Manila.

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Horses, sweat and blisters in Chester

Sales of blister plasters and crates of booze rocketed...and every third woman had a strange feathery creation on her head. It can only mean one thing - race day in the city of Chester.

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Book Night in Madrid

Madrid is going book mad this Friday, April 23rd.

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Club La Santa - a healthy Christmas break?

So, it’s your first day back in the office and it’s undoubtedly been occupied by people comparing the amount of food they have consumed over the last 2 weeks and proclaiming their New Y

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Road tripping – Rouen to Cabo da Roca

Last month I took part in the Sucata Run, a charity banger rally across Europe in cars worth no more than £250...

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In Croatia no-one can hear you scream

...that's because it's 6:30am and the noise that the hotel staff are making drowns out all other noise - even screams of frustration as I try to sleep off the previous nights prodigious wine consum

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