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Do we sit on our laurels?

Definitely not ... the Simonseeks team have been busy putting the next batch of features into place for the benefit of both readers and writers.

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Are you talking to me?

They were, but you couldn't answer - writers were keen to answer their critics, but they couldn't. Really, we couldn't believe we'd missed this!

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Video killed the radio star... but it improves travel guides no end!

We’ve just introduced the ability to show video from YouTube in guides, a great way to improve guides and to really inspire readers - and given Simon keeps saying we’re like t

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New developments coming up on Simonseeks

Welcome to the launch of our first blog and official writers newsletter, it’s now been just over seven weeks since we went live, and I am writing to update you with the latest news about the

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Changes to the 'Make It Happen' section

As you may have noticed, the hotel recommendations in the Make It Happen section are looking a little different; we are now able to show the hotel image and links to more photos, descriptions, maps

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