Soul Searching in El Nido

Simonseeks launches first Kindle ebook

Why not take your favourite Expert on holiday with you this year?

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The many faces of Carnaval on Tenerife

When I was a teenager, my air hostess next door neighbour assured me, with all the confidence of her profession, that, “Tenerife is an island of two halves”.

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The best places to buy ice cream

There is no better excuse to buy an ice cream than when the sun is shining and you are on holiday. To make sure that you find the best quality and flavours of ice cream when on a summer city break, our destination experts have recommended their favourite outlets below.

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This year’s summer crazes

Whether it be hula-hooping in parks or rollerblading down the high street, what should you expect the locals to be doing on your next summer holiday? Let our destination experts may just be tempted to join in.

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Want to know where the party’s at?

Let the Simonseeks’ destination experts advise you where to party this summer. Base your city break around one of these hot and happening ideas.

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Free things to do in the city this summer

The pound may have regained some ground against the euro in the last few months, but many travellers are still trying to keep their costs down. If you are taking a city break this summer and don’t want to spend too much, take a look at our destination experts’ picks of the best free sights and attractions below.

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The hottest summer events...

While the cultural offering in many European cities takes a back seat during the hot summer months, dozens of big events lure the crowds as the mercury rises. So where should you be this summer? Our destinations experts tell you which free events you should make a beeline for, and the hot tickets you should get your hands on.

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Keeping cool in the city this summer

Summer can be a great time to take a city break as the crowds are thinner and the locals tend to be more laidback and sociable. However, if the heat becomes too oppressive for sightseeing, or you just need a few hours to cool off and relax, where should you retreat to? Read valuable insider advice from our destination experts below.

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The new Museum of London - a sneak preview

Frocks, an unexploded bomb, street riots, a bit of how's-your-father in the bushes of Vauxhall...

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