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The Joy of Solo Travel

At the time of writing, I am sat watching Coronation Street, drinking tea – how depressingly British of me.

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Why You Should Go to New Orleans

Los Angeles

How Not to Die in Hawaii

Standing in the most glorious Hawaiian farm kitchen, peering over the shoulder of my gracious host; I watched a Facebook video of some daring young people jump off a rock into a very suspect lookin

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Manila in a Day

Everybody but everybody I meet tells me the same thing: don’t go to Manila.

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Soul Searching in El Nido

Travel Gadgets You Can Live Without

Travel gadgets - many are insanely useful whilst abroad. The thing I love about travel and technology combined, is people feel the need to invent some quite outrageous items.

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Travel Snobbery and How to Avoid Being a Tourist

There are many different kinds of snobs, I am regularly called a snob for a multitude of reasons by my family, and I have come to the conclusion that; I must be one.

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The Allure of Cannes

Oh to be part of the glittering elite that frequents the annual Cannes Film Festival. To move in those glitzy circles of red carpets and celebrity endorsed hedonism.

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How to Plan a Big Travel Adventure

Dreaming up an extended travel plan is a wonderful thing. At the time of writing, I am planning a rather large trip. This is both exciting and daunting.

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