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The accommodation scene in Liverpool has changed hugely in recent years, with the opening of capacious chains like Hilton Liverpool and Novotel Liverpool and new, smaller hotels including Heywood House and Base2Stay.

There's more to come this year, with Days Inn and Hotel Indigo both set to open. All this competition has encouraged existing hotels to up their game, resulting in a range of appealing options at a variety of rates. There has also been a rise in the number of serviced apartments available, as flats intended as homes have failed to sell. Some can be lacklustre, some great.

One thing you'll notice in this most historic of cities is a plethora of accommodation in listed buildings: great for architecture fiends, less for silence freaks, who might find their night's sleep interrupted by the lack of noise-cancelling double glazing.

On my wish list for this year is more really good hotel restaurants: at the moment, Hope Street Hotel and Malmaison are leading the charge, although it's expected that a Marco Pierre White restaurant will form part of the new Hotel Indigo.

Things to consider before booking

  • January and February are quiet times, and offer a chance of a good rate.
  • Events such as gigs and conferences push prices up.
  • Football weekends are hectic. If you're not a fan, consider booking for another date.
  • Liverpool is a popular destination for hens and stags.
  • Whenever you try to book, rooms during the Grand National will always be taken. And it they're not taken, they'll be extortionate.
Set focus

We all - or is it just me? - have a dream of an intimate, friendly hotel which offers beautifully designed and appointed rooms, huge beds and masses of space, in the right location and at the right price.

The truth is that there are only a handful of those in any city, and while I've certainly let you know where they might be hiding, I've tried to be practical too. Families need space, put-up beds and understanding staff. Businesspeople need decent facilities and a burger in their room at 3am. Tourists on a tight schedule need to be in the thick of it. And God knows we all need a bargain.  

Simonseeks has given star ratings out of five for all accommodation recommendations. With hotels, these will tally with the hotel's official star rating where it exists. Where a hotel has no official star rating, and in the case of b & bs and hostels, the experts have made a judgment as to how many stars the accommodation deserves, in terms of comfort, level of facilities and so forth.