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expert-rated hotels in Barcelona
Expert overall rating:4.5 (out of 5)

Funky design with spectacular views in the multicultural Raval.

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Price from: £64
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expert-rated hotels in Barcelona
Expert overall rating:4.0 (out of 5)

A short walk from La Rambla, a budget hotel that strives to be different.

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Price from: £43
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expert-rated hotels in Barcelona
Expert overall rating:3.9 (out of 5)

A new concept in hotel design for the young at heart.

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Price from: £114
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expert-rated hotels in Barcelona
Expert overall rating:3.8 (out of 5)

Chic on a budget.

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For years it was famously difficult to get a Barcelona hotel room, and your choice was limited to a handful of fleapit pensiones or soulless business hotels. These days the scene is unrecognisable; from the new and glamorous breed of destination hotels (with the kind of decadent luxury that’ll seriously test your resolve to step out for a day’s sightseeing) to the cosy little B&Bs constructed within rambling Old City flats.

Things to consider before booking

  • An hostal is not a hostel, but a pensión; a small, simple hotel, often family-run and normally in a large converted flat.
  • Breakfast is not usually included in the price in Spain. When it is it’s not always great, and when it's not it's invariably expensive. Head to a bar instead.
  • Don’t be surprised if 8% VAT is added to your bill at the end. It’s not always included in the stated rates.
  • The concept of tea- and coffee-making facilities in the rooms is all but unknown in Spain, but you’ll struggle to find a bad coffee in Barcelona’s omnipresent bars and cafés.
  • The fact that so many Barcelona hotels are in converted old buildings means that rooms can be small and sound-proofing is not what it might be.
  • By the same token the layout of many older hotels, especially in the lower price bracket, means that access can be difficult. Check ahead if a lift is important to you, and particularly if you are a wheelchair user.
  • Carpets are not so popular here either, so corridor noise carries too. Light sleepers should bring earplugs or be prepared to keep Spanish hours.
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I've picked the Barcelona hotels below for a number of reasons, but primarily because I think they're the best in their field, whether that field is grand and old-school five stars, achingly fashionable boutiques or comfortable and homely B&Bs.

The star system is used fairly randomly in Spain, so I've based my judgements on how much they offer, and how attentive the service is, in relation to price alone. It would be good to get feedback; please do leave comments if you've had experiences that differ from mine.

Simonseeks has given star ratings out of five for all accommodation recommendations. With hotels, these will tally with the hotel's official star rating where it exists. Where a hotel has no official star rating, and in the case of b & bs and hostels, the experts have made a judgment as to how many stars the accommodation deserves, in terms of comfort, level of facilities and so forth.

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