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expert-rated hotels in San Antonio
Expert overall rating:4.5 (out of 5)

The original Club Tropicana and an iconic Ibiza experience.

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expert-rated hotels in San Antonio
Expert overall rating:4.3 (out of 5)

Simple motel-style digs in super cool stadium style surroundings with concerts every Wednesday.

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In keeping with the island’s broad spectrum of visitors – I’m talking celebrities, royalty, families, party people and backpackers from all over the world – the variety of accommodation options in Ibiza is almost endless.

For every glitzy five-star complex there’s a rustic farmhouse lovingly converted into a B&B or a boutique hotel bursting with modern art… and sadly, there are quite a few shoddy, run-down resorts that should have gone out of business back in the late ‘80s heyday of Brits Abroad all-inclusive holidays.

Monolithic five-star hotel complexes started popping up around five years ago to meet the demands of the V.VIP crowds flocking to the island, but at the same time, the Agroturismo scene started blossoming with family run hotels (often restored farmhouses with fully functioning organic farms) in beautiful countryside locations, showcasing a much more tranquil, less publicised side of life on the white isle, to much ado from holidaymakers and locals alike.

Choosing a hotel here is a bit like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel (remember those?). It can be beachy and sporty, rural and tranquil, zen-like and enlightening or a non-stop party festival… your biggest challenge is choosing the right place to suit your holiday style.

I hope I can help!

Things to consider before booking

  • Ibiza is “in season” from May to October, so be aware that many hotels go into hibernation outside of this period. I’ve outlined the year round options in my selection to make your choice easier.
  • Have a think about transport options when picking your detsination. Public transport is limited and taxis can be scarce, so if you’re planning on club or beach hopping, staying in a remote countryside location doesn’t really make much sense.
  • Prices skyrocket in August, as it’s when the rest of Europe (and other globetrotters) flock to Ibiza’s shores to take their summer holidays. Early June and late September are best for cheaper deals, while the weather is still great and clubs are all open.
  • Simple things such as air conditioning, safety deposit boxes, irons, kettles and televisions are often charged as optional extras.
  • Breakfast is a little tricky for night owls, as it’s usually over well before you’ve woken up! It’s worth checking if it’s optional before you book, as it’s also often an expensive extra and much better to head out to local cafes for better quality food.
  • The rating system in Spain is a little off-kilter in my opinion. Don’t trust a book by its cover, as a four star rated hotel in Ibiza may only be three-star by global standards. It can also be the same in reverse – two-star rated hotels can be as amazing as a four-star in some cases.
  • If you have kids, be sure to check if your hotel is suitable – in some cases, it’s more of an adult’s only playground. Party people should do the same – sleeping it off isn’t so easy if there’s a swimming pool full of little ones by your window.
Set focus

I’ve spent the past five years researching, reviewing, recommending and writing about hotels in Ibiza, whether for work (nice life, huh?), for fun (I’ve been known to take holidays on the island even while living here) or for friends and family (a slightly more stressful responsibility to say the least, when someone’s holiday rides on your choice).

I’ve come to the conclusion there is definitely a hotel in Ibiza for everyone, from hard-core clubbers and obsessive sun worshippers to dedicated yoga enthusiasts, inspired artists, young families and fashionistas alike. I’ve selected a cross-section of hotels to cover all bases, budgets and a broad variety of locations, from pimping palaces and rustic, restored farmhouses to sleek, chic five-star resorts and boutique hotels by the sea. I don’t like to pigeonhole myself, so I can safely say I’d rest my head in all of them!

Because Ibiza is constantly developing and new hotels spring up faster than mushrooms after a rainstorm every season, I’m already looking forward to checking out the new class of 2011 to see how they rate!

Simonseeks has given star ratings out of five for all accommodation recommendations. With hotels, these will tally with the hotel's official star rating where it exists. Where a hotel has no official star rating, and in the case of b & bs and hostels, the experts have made a judgment as to how many stars the accommodation deserves, in terms of comfort, level of facilities and so forth.