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Five-star boutique hotel - the only visitor accommodation inside the ancient walls of Mdina.

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Malta has over 38,000 guest beds so there is no shortage of places to lay your head. More than half of these beds are in hotels rated four or five star, many of them quite large. Most of the five-star hotels would compare with equivalent resort hotels elsewhere in the world – indeed, many are part of international chains. The four-stars are more of a mixed bag and some would rate three stars in the UK. There are of course cheaper options, as well as a small – but increasing – number of boutique-style places with more individual character and, particularly on Gozo, there are some delightful lower starred hotels and guesthouses.

Things to consider before booking
It is worth bearing in mind that in Malta, a lower star rating will not always mean a cheaper hotel. Many hotels set their prices by occupancy so rates fluctuate on a daily basis. As a general rule, the prices at larger hotels vary more than at smaller ones and it is by no means impossible to find a room in a large five-star hotel costing the same (perhaps even less) than one in a smaller lower-starred establishment so it is worth looking across quite a range of accommodation.

Winter is always cheaper than summer (with the exception of Christmas and New Year). Hotels vary considerably as to when they consider the high season to start and end, and whether they have interim prices for the ‘shoulder’ months, so if you are travelling in the spring or autumn it is particularly worthwhile to check out a variety of options.

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I’ve tried to offer a good range of prices as well as styles and locations – and of course, hotels I simply like! You’ll find I’ve included a greater proportion of Malta’s few idiosyncratic hotels than of the chain hotels that dominate the market. This is partly because I am personally drawn to their more individual style but also because I think they are harder for potential visitors to judge than are the large hotels with a chain identity. I have not ignored the big hotels, of course: many are included.

Malta’s charming little capital, Valletta, is a wonderful place to stay but is very short of accommodation. There are two fives star hotels on its borders but within its walls only four mid-range hotels and a few guesthouses. All of these four hotels are in need of a refurb, but because they are all that is on offer in this charming location I have included them in my selection. Their downsides are, of course, made clear in the reviews.

Another wonderful historic location is Mdina – Malta’s first capital and still a maze of tiny alleys surrounded by massive fortifications. Mdina has even less visitor accommodation than Valletta. There is just one hotel within its walls (the stately but pricey Xara Palace) and one guesthouse (the Point de Vue) just outside. So I have also included here a hotel that I particularly like (the Corinthia Palace) that stands outside the main tourist areas not far from Mdina.

Past and future
It is just dawning on the Maltese tourist trade that there are visitors who like to stay in smaller hotels in historic settings. Malta has a wealth of such settings and I think there will be some interesting developments in holiday accommodation here over the next few years – I’ll keep you posted!


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