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Expert overall rating:4.4 (out of 5)

Cool central Capri apartments for the independent traveller.

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As you might expect, some of the hotels in Capri are off the scale in terms of luxury (and price). But there are also little pensione that can offer quite a different sense of the island. Capri virtually closes down in November so you might find that those places that do stay open, particularly over Christmas, are offering some very tempting deals indeed – but you'll need to consider the ferry timetables unless you're not planning on staying there for a couple of months…

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The places that I'm recommending are all options that I have stayed at and would happily recommend to friends and family. I've tried to include a range, from basic and budget all the way through to a few 'once in a lifetime' splash-out options, so that you can choose one according to your pocket and priorities. I've included some old-school grand hotels and palazzi, stylish boutique hotels and charming little B&Bs, some slap bang in the centre of the action and others more remote for those who want a quieter vacation.

Simonseeks has given star ratings out of five for all accommodation recommendations. With hotels, these will tally with the hotel's official star rating where it exists. Where a hotel has no official star rating, and in the case of b & bs and hostels, the experts have made a judgment as to how many stars the accommodation deserves, in terms of comfort, level of facilities and so forth.