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expert-rated hotels in Prague
Best for On a budget -
Expert overall rating:4.0 (out of 5)

Mala Strana's homiest b&b hideout.

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expert-rated hotels in Prague
Expert overall rating:3.8 (out of 5)

Charm and surprising value in the Castle's shadow

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Sleeping in Prague used to mean an adventure in navigating post-communist ideas of service and privacy - or a significant investment for an international hotel with little connection to the city. These days, a wealth of enchanting little hotels are about, many featuring thoroughly cool renovations of Baroque buildings and lots run by families or small companies, offering the personal touch - something that’s, sadly, never been the city’s strong suit. Small modern designer hotels have also sprung up everywhere and competition means that deals abound.

Things to consider before booking

  • Prague now has hundreds of comfortable, reasonably-priced options so don’t believe for a second anyone’s claim that there’s not a room to be found in the city this weekend.
  • Breakfast is most often included in Prague - generally a simple cheese and meats plate, coffee and juice. Breakfast options at cafés usually aren’t of much better value, though the quality certainly improves if you eat out.
  • A VAT charge of 10 per cent is normally on the bill but most hotels these days transparently include that in the listed price - or tell you if it’s not.
  • The trade-off for a room in a charming 18th-century townhouse may be poor soundproofing, odd-shaped rooms and access up narrow stairs. Going modern offers a better chance of elevators but it’s worth asking to be sure.
  • Many Prague hotels have deals with taxi firms that don’t necessarily charge market rates. Book your own with AAA (14014) or City Taxi (257 257 257) for fair and transparent prices.
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I’ve chosen my Prague hotels based on tracking down the best of each category, whether it’s characterful little b&bs, designer showplaces, luxe indulgences or sensible business or family-oriented options.

No objective organisation seriously enforces the star system in Prague so they aren’t taken too seriously here either. My reviews and ratings are based on the value for money proposition in each area rated. Things change fast in Prague, of course, so I hope you’ll add your feedback if you find your experience of these places to be different from mine.

Simonseeks has given star ratings out of five for all accommodation recommendations. With hotels, these will tally with the hotel's official star rating where it exists. Where a hotel has no official star rating, and in the case of b & bs and hostels, the experts have made a judgment as to how many stars the accommodation deserves, in terms of comfort, level of facilities and so forth.