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Beds in Brussels are plentiful, but don’t restrict your search to the options on offer around the Grand Place. The majority of sights in the city centre are all within easy walking distance, so choosing a hotel in the St-Catherine, Sablon or Marolles districts will still ensure you’re near the centre of the action. They often don’t work out any cheaper, but they do allow you to stay in a less-clichéd locale.

Travellers on a shoestring budget will find a handful of good hostels dotted around the outskirts of the petit-ring and there’s a reasonable collection of b&bs too, which I haven’t included due to their limited number of rooms.

I’d always advise booking in advance: during the week, hotels are overrun with business bookings (EU bureaucrats may ‘um’ and ‘ah’ over policies, but not over a good hotel); and in the summer high season room availability – pardon the pun – dries up quickly. The tourist office is happy to make bookings of your behalf free of charge, but you’ll find better deals online.

Things to consider before booking

  • Room rates are at their highest during the week (business rates), during the summer and during the Christmas market period. It’s essential you book in advance during these times.
  • Breakfast is usually a ‘continental’ buffet consisting of: cereals, ham, cheese, bread, jams, fruit etc. In expensive hotels there are often hot options – such as bacon, eggs, pancakes etc – too; in cheaper establishments they may offer to cook eggs for you. This breakfast is included in the price of the room in cheap to mid-range hotels, but in upper-crust hotels you normally have to pay extra (somewhere in the region of 20 euros) for it. It is perhaps better to spend your money on pastries and coffee at the bakery around the corner…
  • Hotel rates quoted all include city tax.
  • Sadly, several hotels are not equipped to accommodate disabled travellers. I’ve indicated if this is the case in individual reviews.
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All the major hotel chains (Novotel, Ibis etc) have establishments in the city centre. But why come to Brussels and stay in a bland room? An escape should be just that, so I’ve handpicked 30 hotels that will suit a variety of tastes — from full-on opulence to minimalist chic — and wallets. And don’t worry, staying in the city centre doesn’t necessarily mean paying big bucks: I’ve included a few surprises for you…

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