Fremstads Bed & Breakfast

Dølebakken 42, Sandefjord, Norway

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Bed & Breakfast
Dølebakken 42, Sandefjord, Norway

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I stayed in Fremstads B&B a year ago and I must say that the hosts are extremely friendly and welcoming when we arrived after a long drive from Son across the fjord. We were there a year ago in mid-September for our wedding day, and they were extremely accommodating to our needs.

We had asked to check in early before 12pm, because we needed to prepare to dress up. We also had a few friends and family arrive first too, and without us requesting, they promptly served homemade cakes, cookies and tea in the most beautiful exquisite tea-set to them and us. We were very touched.

It was cold out, but they have a beautiful glass house with a good view of their garden, still in full bloom. It is obvious that they take much pride in making their house beautiful and their guests welcomed.

Breakfast was phenomenal. We were vegetarians, although they did serve some fish, we understand that maybe they misunderstand what kind of vegetarians we might be (ovo-lacto vegetarians). But otherwise, they had homemade bread, omelette, never-ending flow of tea and they would give us privacy and serve us more when requested. It was a very nice stay there.

Perhaps the only downside was there wasn't a double bed for us, because we were after all, a newly-wed couple! The toilet also smelt a little after a few people used it throughout the day, but that is normal. The shower was a little strangely constructed without a door, but we didn't mind because it was just the two of us using it. There was shampoo and soap provided.

At the end of our stay we received a big hug and two little granite hearts as a gift. They were rushing to clean the rooms (we booked both the double and single room) for the next guests arriving that day, but they let us stroll around and take pictures in their lovely big garden for about an hour more without chasing us out. We still have beautiful pictures of their flowers and Norwegian-styled house.
Overall a fantastic stay!